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   Ultrasonic Mister in Various Industrial Applications

Ultrasonic Mist Makers for Manufacturing Industry

10 Feb, 2016 Ultrasonic Atomizer
Ultrasonic Mist Makers

As a popular solution for air humidification, ultrasonic mist makers are required for different kinds of industrial manufacturing.

Ultrasonic misting system for textile and printing industry

Maintaining a suitable humidity level for printing task is critical in solving the problems such as deformation of printing paper, influence of static electricity, etc. In printing process, paper material is easy to shrink when the air humidity is low, and the exposed edges are lapped over. The changing size of paper will cause the location error and further to result in the waste of materials. Moreover, at a low-level humidity, static electricity is likely to be created on the contact surface between papers and cylinders. Because of the electrostatic adhesion effect, the printing material is hard to be seperated from rollers and may break both printed sheets and equipment.

Humidity control by ultrasonic mist makers provides a effective solution not only on the preceding two problems mentioned before, but also on maintaining the comfortable conditions for employees, help them to avoid breathing problems caused by dry air and heavy dust.

Textile industry covers a broad fields such as woolen, wool, cotton, silk, etc. Each industry has its own requirement for humidity and air conditions. Static electricity is major problem in the process of production especially in cold wether, charge accumulation on textile fiber may lead to fuzzing and breakage problem.

Ultrasonic mist makers have advantage in eliminating the electrostatic effect, and limit the shrinkage of the fabric in dry air. Besides, a great deal of heat and dust and in the plant are serious dangers to the health of employee, cool mist makers based on ultrasonic technology can not only reduce the flying micro-dust in the air, but also make the cooling effect to creat the comfortable conditions for the workers on the production line.

Ultrasonic mist maker for electronics manufacturing

In order to avoid the accumulation of static electricity, the ultrasonic mist makers are used to protect printed circuit boards an other electric devices in daily manufacturing. The reason is that the electric charge is hard to dissipate in the air conditions of lower humidity, and it will be easily discharged to cause the fault and damage to electronic components and products. Ultrasonic mist foggers can greatly improve the conductivity of air and form a moisture film on the surface of products. As a conductor, it is very helpful to release electrical charges in to the air.

Furthermore, ultrasonic miste makers reduce a lot of dust particles attracted by the electrostatic discharge, dirty air quality is harmful to both sensitive electronic devices and labors' health. The misting water droplets can also cool the air for some soldering process which produces a large amount of heat. The value of air humidity and temperature is essential to be controlled by ultrasonic misting system as the case may be.

Humidity control for automotive manufacturers

Ultrasonic mist makers can be found in a variety of automotive manufacturers. The damp air will dilute the coating of paint, and the dry air condition also make large amounts of water evaporate from the paint. These two conditions are not conducive to the best spraying results. High-quality bodywork depends on the exact humidity control which should be neither too high nor too low in the spray-paint booth.

Humidity control in some test items is another important applications. A well-controlled environment is essential to obtain the accurate test results. For example, exhaust emission testing should be accomplished under a certain humidity level which can be offered by ultrasonic mister systems. Moreover, by utilizing ultrasonic humidfying technology, the extreme environment is available for some limit testing experiments on automobile.

In addition, as with other industries, maintenance of relative-humidity is vital to minimize the risk of paint dust and electrostatic charge, greatly saving operation time in painting or sanding process, and improving the work quality.

Ultrasonic mist humidifier in wood manufacturing and storage

Wood is a hydroscopic material which is sensitive in different humidity levels. The stable balance is that the wood become saturated with moisture in the wet air condition. So, in some woodworking fields such as furniture or floor manufacturing and storage, ultrasonic humidifiers are used to make mist for maintaining the stability of wooden products.

Dry air level may cause the issue that the wooden products tend to deform or crack, the reason is that moisture content lose from wood fibre and lead to shrinkage in dimensions. For some laminates, the wood plates absorb the solvent from the bonding glue in low-humidity level. All these damages are beyond repair and cause the failure in final assembly.

Ultrasonic mist makers not only humidify the air but also reduce the indoor temperater, it's significant especially for some wood pocessing machines which release a lot of heat in production. During the process of evaporation, numerous water droplets absorb the heat from air and complete the temperature control.

As an inflammable material, enough attention must be paid to electrostatic problem which may originate the risk of fire, even an explosion. Proper misting in woodworking area can minimize the possibility of disaster both in manufacturing and storing.

Mist humidification for pharmaceutical manufacturing

The precise control of humidity is critical in pharmaceutical process. The medicines and chemical reagents may absorb water in high-level humidity, on the contrary, the low-level humidity will make the products dry out. Depending on the humidity control, tablet coatings with aqueous solutions can be dried at a period of time which we want.

In cleanrooms, ultrasonic mist makers can offer a easy solution to the removal of contaminants and heat which are generated by pharmaceutical equipment, optimum air quality can be made by monitoring system during the whole manufacturing process.

Many chemical processes also require a tight control of humidity environment, the improper condition may greatly reduce the rate of chemical reactions, the negative influence are embodied in both production efficiency and energy consumption.

Besides, Electrostatic charge caused by lower humidity may also damage the machines and products property, and leading to the final packing issues e.g. the tablets are sticking to each other. All these cases tell us why we should use mist makers to complete the environmental control.

Ultrasonic fog mister in tobacco industries

The tobacco leaves and paper are sensitive materials which can be greatly affected by surounding ambient humidity. The moisture tends to be separated from tobacco materials in dry ambient conditions, and this may cause a series of problems such as shrinking, splitting, tearing, and weight loss, etc. Therefore, ultrasonic misters are required depends on their flexible humidity control for each manufacturing process.

During the production process, tobacco materials should be kept in balance with the surrounding environment. So that they may give off lots of moisture in many periods including high speed running of equipment, temporary exposure in the air and transport by compressed air. On the other hand, In low-level humidity, the cigarette paper will get curled because the moisture content changes, this may exert a certain tension on running paper and lead to deforming or cracking issues.

Cigars and cigarettes may be preserved in a storage area for a few hours or several days. Large quantities of moisture will be lost from tobacco leaves which are exposed to the dry air. Maintaining proper air conditions by mist makers is crucial for keeping the high quality of tobacco.

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