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Ultrasonic Transducers

Ultrasonic transducers are a kind of parts which convert
high frequency electrical signals into ultrasound vibration.
As an energy converter, it can be manufactured as both
standard units and special designs for a wide range of
industrial applications.

» Cleaning Ultrasonic Transducer

cleaning ultransonic transducer

Cleaning ultrasonic transducer uses the piezoelectric effect to realize transduction between electric and sound energy.

It comprises a radiation head, electrode, cap, prestressed bolt, piezoelectric chip and an insulating tube.

The piezo transducer is widely used in ultrasonic cleaning machines and high-power industry cleaning devices.

• Features

- High efficiency:
High mechanical parameter Q, the transduction efficient between electricity and sound above 95%.

- High amplitude:
The transducer strength is improved by fixing the high speed vibrator directly on the base of washing groove with bolt. Compare with a magnetic expansion vibrator, its amplitude can be improved above 50%.

- Good heat resistance:
A large range of working temperature, low resonance impedance and heat productivity.

- Good construction:
Fastened by bolt, easy for assembling, high reliability.

» Welding Ultrasonic Transducer

welding transducers

Ultrasonic welding transducers are applied in a wide range of industries such as welding, drilling and polishing, etc.

A basic ultrasound transducer for welding system is composed of a piezo transducer and a mechanical amplifier or horn which can be designed as different shapes to enlarg amplitude of vibration in ultrasonic welding and other applications according to customers' requirements.



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