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Ultrasonic Immersible Transducers

Ultrasonic immersible transducers are placed in a variety of cleaning tanks, to achieve ultrasonic cleaning purpose. According to the different installation position, ultrasonic immersible transducers can be made into types of bottom vibration, side vibration and top vibration, In order to achieve the cleaning effect of different requirements.

ultrasonic vibration plate
Bottom Vibration

ultrasonic vibration plate
Side Vibration
• Feature

- Ultrasonic immersible transducers are made of high performance transducers and ultrasonic generators, with strong cleaning power, stable performance.
- Ultrasonic immersion transducers are available to use water-based solvent or organic solvent cleaning;
- Ultrasonic immersed transducers are made of quality stainless steel through stamping Ar-arc-welding, with smooth surface;
- Flexible and convenient use, suitable for various cleaning requirements;
- Split design of generators and ultrasonic vibration boxes, easy to use, beneficial to maintenance;


• Catalog


Type YTSH-300 YTSH-600 YTSH-900 YTSH-1200 YTSH-1500 YTSH-1800
Frequency (KHZ) 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-40
Power (W) 300 600 900 1200 1500 1800
Size (MM) 290X200 X100 355X270 X100 410X310 X100 500X400 X100 500X460 X100 650X400 X100

※ The above types are only for reference, the ultrasonic immersible transducer will be made based on the requirements in general.

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