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Ultrasonic Cell Disruptors

Ultrasonic cell disruptors are made up of two parts: ultrasonic generator and transducer, the former transiting 50hz 220v into 20KHz as power supply to the latter. The vibration wave via Ti alloy amplitude bar which is soaked in the biological solution produces cavitation effect and drives biological particles in the medium liberating hard.

• Application

Ultrasonic cell disruptors can be used to smash animal or plant cells, bacteria, gemma or tissue,or scatter rare earth and various kinds of inorganic mineral powder.It is a kind of ideal device to speedup chemical, biological or physical reactions, and degassing of liquid.
Ultrasonic cell disruptors can prepare emulsoid lf 1/100 micron: homogenize mixture hard to be mixed polymerize some matters and separate out some other. Generally speaking, ultrasonic cell disruptors can process various functions such as distillation, smash,emulsification soliquoid, aberrance, aerosol, quicden up exsolution and crystallization and preparing different kinds of biologicals samples under electron microscope.

• Feature

- Capable to replace various power of Ti alloy tool head with convenience to disassemble, multi-use of one device.
- Intelligent ultrasonic generators have complete functions of timing, intermittent working, power regulating, frequency display. You can set the working time, intermittent time and periodicity according to need.
- The structure of transducers can be designed to meet different requirements.
- According to the use conditions, you can choose the structure of ultrasonic cell disruptors for intermittent work or continuous work as shown below:

Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor     Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor

• Spefication

Type Frequency (KHZ) Power (W) Input Voltage (V) Tool Head Diameter Of End (MM)
YTS-800-20 20 800 220 Ti alloy 12
YTS-1200-20 20 1200 220 Ti alloy 18
YTS-2000-20 20 2000 220 Ti alloy 25

※ The above types of ultrasonic cell disruptors are only for reference, special size can be made based on the requirements.


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