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Ultrasonic Processors


  Ultrasonic processors for liquid-liquid, liquid-solid material entirely depend on the strong cavitation effect, and togather with thermal effect and mechanical effect in solution.

1) Cavitation effect: Under the action of ultrasonic, the bubble grows and collapses in liquid.

2) Thermal effect: Ultrasonic absorbed in propagation medium, frication effect from different medium boundary, cavitation releases a lot of heat when the bubble collapses.

3) Mechanical effect: Ultrasonic can make medium particle produce mechanical vibration, forming unidirectional strong force to change the arrangement of the polymer molecular chain, and further the rheologic characteristics of polymer is changed.

Because of these three functions, inside of solution will form countless tiny explosion reaction districts, which will break all barriers to promote violently collisions between the molecules. As below figure shows, we can clearly understand the action mode of ultrasonic in solid-liquid two-phase medium.

ultrasonic cavitation

High-power ultrasonic processors generally use enengy-gathered type ultrasonic transducers and automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic generators, power density is the greatest difference between ultrasonic processing and ultrasonic cleaning, the former is at least 8 times more than the latter. To resist the strong ultrasonic cavitation corrosion, the tool head commonly uses titanium alloy materials.

Please see the details of ultrasonic processors as follows:

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• Applications

1) Ultrasonic processing for antiscale

before antiscale   after antiscale

- Heat exchange equipment such as heaters, coolers, evaporators, condensers;
- Water pipelines, water pumps;
- Steam boilers, hot water boilers;
- Emulsifying equipment, dehumidification system, reaction kettle, decocting device;
- Sewage treatment system;

2) Ultrasonic processing for refining

before refining   after refining

- Fat, protein, natural flavor;
- Pigment, flavone, alkaloid, polysaccharide;
- Plant essential oil, aromatic oil;
- DNA refining & shearing;
- Refining from fruit, vegetable, beet, soy, tea, etc;

3) Ultrasonic processing for emulsification

before emulsification   after emulsification

- Fuel oil in water;
- Wax, shampoo, shampoo;
- Sugar in milk, butter emulsification for senior lactose, sauce manufacturing;
- Waterproof additive, resin solution;
- Rolling oil, emulsified liquid for lubrication;

4) Ultrasonic processing for homogenization

before homogenization   after homogenization

- Milk, soy milk, fruit juice, ice cream;
- Adhesive, resin, silicone oil, sealant, slurry, brightener, coagulant, etc;
- Latex paint, ink, pigment;
- Injections, antibiotics, medicine cream;
- Nano calcium carbonate, nano coatings, various nano materials;

5) Ultrasonic processing for degassing & defoaming

before degassing   after degassing

- Removal of air bubbles from epoxy resin;
- Removal of NO2 from nitric acid;
- Degassing for food industry such as beer, soda drinks, fruit juice, canned food;
- Degassing for molten metals;
- Degassing for boiler water;

6) Ultrasonic processing for algae removal

before algae removal   after algae removal

- Agricultural pond, lake;
- Irrigation reservoir;
- Waterworks, hydropower station, sewage treatment plant;
- Landscape pool, fountain, artificial lake & river;
- Swimming pool, golf course;


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