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   Ultrasonic fog mist Makers in Various Commercial Applications

Ultrasonic Foggers for Commercial Humidication

25 Feb, 2016 Ultrasonic Atomizer
Ultrasonic fogger

When placed in a container of water, the ultrasonic fogger creates numerous microscopic water droplets which are constantly evaporated into the dry environments and in the form of cool fog. The fog is produced not by chemicals, dry ice or heat, but ultrasonic vibration. Due to this characteristic, many types of humidifiers have been designed for commercial use where require a certain level of humidity and high standards of air quality such as office, hotel, data center, museums, etc.

Ultrasonic water foggers for office buildings

Dry air in winter reduces the value of relative humidity, and lead to a uncomfortable environment for white-collar workers in commercial office. The increased particles flying in the air may cause the risk of health problems such as asthma or allergy, and the office materials will be even broken due to the low relative humidity, i.e. cracks in wooden desk or parquet, bad preservation for paper materials. The humidifiers based on ultrasonic water foggers are applied in office spaces to ensure the proper conditions with relative humidity range of approx. 40% to 60%.

Ultrasonic mist foggers for hotels & restaurant

Keeping the proper humidity for hotel is another commercial application of ultrasonic foggers, guests require the comfortable humidity temperature in areas of hotel room, restaurant, hall, conference room, swimming pool or sauna bath. During the winter season, the dry air is often supplied due to heating system. This conditions may cause the moisture released from human body, and produce the symptoms including sore throat, eye agnail, itchy skin and lip cracking.

The ultrasonic mist foggers provide a optimal air quality for both employees and guests at a very low energy consumption. Proper humidification has an important effect in some respects e.g. to avoid the happening of static electricity from sweaters or hair. Humidificaion is also a solution for improving hotel's service qulitity, for instance, keeping the good humidity level reduce dust in the room, and less need to clean curtains, carpets, and others which are susceptible to dust. In food storage, particularly temperature and humidity is the key to food quality, humidity control by ultrasonic will help keep food fresh in cool room.

Ultrasonic humidification for hospitals & medical centers

Ultrasonic humidificaton can maintain the proper hospital environments which are beneficial to patients healthy. Especially in the winter, the indoor air in the building is heated, and lead to the low humidity levels which can cause the feeling of dry air. Many health problems will come with it. For example, your skin moisture will start to dry out, and the cracked skin usually happens. Low humidity levels can cause nose to become dryand uncomfortable, and frequent nosebleeds. Dry throat may frequently occur due to dry air exposure.

When the air is properly humidified by ultrasonic foggers, the right humidity enviroments also help to prevant the static discharges from damaging medical equipment, also the dust in the air such as small flakes of skin or particles of material can be reduced to protect the patients with asthma or allergies. Nevertheless, ultrasonic humidification contributes to make the humidity not too low but also not too high, excess humidity can also increase the proliferation and transmission of microbiological contaminants in the hospital.

Ultrasonic fog system for data centers

The use of ultrasonic fog system in data centres is required to keep the sensitive computer equipment safe and efficient. High-level humidity may cause the risk of corrosion and condensation which are absolutely harmful to the performance of IT devices. Conversely, low-level humidity will accelerate the formation of dangerous static charge. So that ultrasonic foggers must be used for data centers to maintain a particular values of relative humidity.

Ultrasonic fog system provides a large-load and energy-saving solution for computer rooms. In some hot days, a large amount of heat generated by computer processing devices, ultrasonic humidification can produce the addtional cooling effect without depending on traditional cooling systems. Compared to electric steam systems, ultrasonic humidifiers require approx. 93% less electricity energy to humidify the space with same size, and need little or no maintenance.

Ultrasonic fog makers for commercial shopping mall & supermarket

Ultrasonic foggers provides both cooling and humidifying effect a wide variety of shopping areas such as malls, supermarkets, retail stores, etc. Plenty of water fog means added comfort for customers and well preservation of goods.

In summer, the air-condition system in large commercial building consumes large amounts of energy, and ultrasonic fog makers generate millions of water droplets in the air which can effectively absorb a lot of heat from the air. That is to say, air humidification system cool the air and save energy consumed by air conditioner. Besides, atomizing foggers are also required for goods on sale which are sensitive to air condition. In supermarkets, various foods are generally stored in the cold rooms with a proper temperature and humidity. Ultrasonic humidification is considered an energy-saving solution to keep either fruits or vegetables fresh, further to reduce the waste of foods and promote sales.

In winter, indoor air is heated by air-conditioning and the relative humidity is very low. Dry air makes client uncomfortable and leads to unpleased feelings like dry nose, dry mouth and breath problems. Consequently, ultrasonic fog misters are required to creat a healthy and comfortable enviroment for both shop assistants and customers.

Ultrasonic fog generators for museums, libraries and theatres

A certain range of humidity and temperature conditions is the basic requirement for the place where precious materials or art works need to be preserved in a stable environment, such as museums, art galleries, theatres, libraries and archives.

Books need to be well preserved in libraries or archives. We all know that paper is the hygroscopic material which tend to absorb or release moisture with the change in ambient humidity. Especially in condition of low relative humidity, glue and paper become increasingly dry and cracking, so that ultrasonic fog generators are used to provide the optimum air condition for the preservation of books.

The artefacts made of wood are also easily damaged in relative humidity, dry air cause the formation of cracks in the painting. Some artworks such as parchments or canvas are delicate during the variations in temperature and air humidity. So ultrasonic fog generators are used for accurate control of humidity and avoid damages like deformation, fading, mould growth, etc.

Proper humidity levels are significant for not only valuable objects but also visitors or audiences. Dry air leads to the bad effect on both personal comfort and health. Ultrasonic foggers are ideal way for resisting these unwanted feelings such as dry skin, chapped lips or scratchy throat.

In addition, the portable ultrasonic foggers are easily used to humidify a single area. More over, ultrasonic-based humidifiers can also connect to a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to humidify the whole commercial buildings.

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