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   Case Study On Ultrasonic Humidification For All Kinds Of Industrial Fields

Ultrasonic Humidifiers For Industrial Uses

By Hu

Ultrasonic humidifiers used for planting industry

In the process of planting edible mushrooms, flowers, vegetables and tropical plants at scale, high temperature and low humidity will make plant dry and withered, also with slow growth. Especially for edible mushrooms, humidity requirements are not the same for each species, each stage of growth and each region. Ultrasonic humidification is seen as the best solution for regulating the temperature and humidity to enable the healthy growth of plant.

Humidification for greenhouse planting humidification for edible mushrooms
Humidification for greenhouse planting Humidification for edible mushrooms

Ultrasonic humidifiers used for food industry

In general, when the environment humidity is below 35%, the water content of foods will be gradually lost, and it must cause food to deteriorate. So it's very important to maintain enough humidity in the room to keep the food fresh.

humidification for foods
humidification for fruits and vegetables
Fresh-keeping for foods Fresh-keeping for for fruits and vegetables

Ultrasonic humidifiers used for printing and packaging industry

The printing and packaging machinery will produce a lot of heat in operation, and in the process of forming plastics, the air is even filled with the pungent smell. All of these are harmful to the health of operators. It's essential to use humidifiers to remove the odor, adjust the temperature and humidity in workshop. In addition, increasing humidity can effectively avoid the harm of static electricity.

humidification for printing and dyeing machines humidification for paper machines
Humidification for printing and dyeing machines Humidification for paper machines

Ultrasonic humidifiers used for breeding industry

In addition to controlling the temperature and humidity, humidifier has its disinfection property to improve air quality for breeding farm, can be based on the need to simulate natural environment simulation in the breeding process.

humidification for pig farm humidification for cattle farm
Humidification for pig breeding farm Humidification for cattle breeding farm

Ultrasonic humidifiers used for textile industry

When the dry season comes, the relative humidity is too low in textile workshop, So that, there are lots of unavoidable problems such as static electricity, various of dust and hairiness during production. The method of ultrasonic humidification can effectively reduce hairiness floating in the air, and also avoid the bad influence caused by static electricity on the textile quality.

humidification for textile workshop humidification for weaving workshop
Humidification for textile workshop Humidification for weaving workshop

Ultrasonic humidifiers used for mining industry

In some enterprises related to construction, thermal power, coal, mining etc, there will produce numerous dust particles in the air during the process of transportation and storage. A great deal of air pollution has a direct impact on people's health. humidifiers can effectively remove dust, static electricity and odor. Besides, compared with the traditional method of sprinkling, ultrasonic humidification has higher efficiency at low water consumption.

humidification for mining community humidification for industrial and mining enterprises
Humidification for mining community Humidification for industrial and mining enterprises

Ultrasonic humidifiers used for landscape industry

Suitable for garden, rockery, scenery and other man-made landscape. Not only beautify the environment, but also produce a large number of electronegative ions to improve the human habitat environment.

humidification for landscape humidification for stage scenery
Humidification for landscape Humidification for stage scenery

Ultrasonic humidifiers used for electronics industry

The static electricity is extremely harmful to the electronic products, so the electronic factory requires strict controls to ensure the suitable temperature and humidity. Ultrasonic technology can be used for humidifying the air of workplace, to improve electrical conductivity of the air, so as to prevent the generation of static electricity.

humidification for central air-conditioning humidification for electronics factory
Humidification for central air-conditioning

Humidification for electronics factory

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