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Industry News Ultrasonics For The New Fingerprint Sensor Technology
The product is a combination of an integrated ultrasonic biometric reader and a series of algorithms and frameworks that allows a device to scan a userís fingerprint from any part of the phone.
  16 Mar  
Industry News Ultrasonic Cleaning Method For The Gun
Soldiers put more than 200 parts separated from guns into a ultrasonic cleaning tank, then added cleaning agent...half an hour later, all parts looked brand-new.
  16 Mar  
Industry News Ultrasound Technique For Treatment Of Angina
The japanese research group found the new method of forming capillaries by ultrasonic irradiation on heart. The results of this research can probablely help to treat angina.
  16 Mar  
Industry News Ultrasonic Can Show The Effectiveness Of Chemotherapy
Researchers have developed a new type of ultrasonic detecting system which can quickly show the effectiveness of chemotherapy for liver cancer patients.
  16 Mar  
Industry News The Influence Of Ultrasonic On Increasing Rice Production
Through processing rice seed by using ultrasonic technology, the rice production can even increase by 15%.
  16 Mar  
Industry News Ultrasonic Motor To Fill The Gap In China
Professor Zhao and his group, from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, have developed 30 types of ultrasonic motors with self-owned intellectual property.
  16 Mar  


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